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Honing Equipment

Top Honing Stone Suppliers & Honing Tool Suppliers in China

Looking for reliable honing tool suppliers who could provide you an ultimate stock of honing mandrels, and other related stuff?

From honing mandrels to other such products; we provide all that your industrial requirements could be. With regard to our current environmental and economic challenges, our manufactured honing machines with boron nitride abrasives have become crucial in modern production processes.

As ideal honing stone suppliers, we ensure to provide ideal honing stones for all our clients and customers whenever they need it. Our expert team of dedicated engineers has long-time experience in the entire field of honing technology.

Being one of the trusted honing stone suppliers! We manufacture the reliable, and quality made product, and deliver it to you at the most reasonable or wholesale price to benefit your business.

We not only design and supply top quality stone suppliers, but also known as one of the leading honing tool suppliers. We always take care of all our tools and always deliver our provides on time, which compel our customers to come to us for further products, and they also recommend others to contact us when it comes to finding leading honing tool suppliers.

What Makes Our Honing Mandrels So Special?

Our honing mandrels and other honing equipment are fabricated using top-grade materials, which are obtained from dependable and trust-able vendors. Being leading honing stone suppliers as well as honing tool suppliers, we always make sure that all of our honing mandrels must be applicable for different applications such as; rocker arms, connecting rods, and valve guides, etc.

Besides, our honing machines are widely useful for;

  • Simple operation
  • Easy installation
  • The single stone honing mandrels
  • Modular and compact designs
  • Superb quality honing mandrels
  • Multi-stone honing mandrel


  • Sleeves
  • Linear Hydraulics cylinder
  •  Automobile cylinder block
  • Lightweight odd shaped jobs

Technical Specifications:

  • Honing Length: 300 mm
  • Motive Power: 2 HP
  • ID Range: 25mm to 275 mm
  • Tank Capacity: 60 liter
  • Extra Stroke- length auto stroking can be offered as per requirement

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