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Air Classifier

Looking For Leading Air Classifier Manufacturers? Come To Wuxi Machines

Making successful industrial projects is not an easy task, it needs quality engineered equipment to make your project run smoother, faster, and it ensures the reliability of your product as well. Air classifiers, or air classification system sets the best example of it.

Wuxi Forest Trading Company is counted among China’s top engineered air classifier manufacturers who excel in providing air classifiers, air jet mills, air classification systems, fly ash classification systems, and other such equipment.

Our manufactured classifiers are contrived to meet the rapidly increasing industrial needs of finer particles and narrower particle size distribution. Our provided classifiers tend to reduce particle size distributions that are: spherical and smooth, uniform and homogeneous; dry and easily dispersible. Their wide range is highly applicable for toner, metal powders, pharmaceutical, ceramic, and plastic industries.

Incredible Features Of Our Provided Air Classifiers

Being one of the reputable air classifier manufacturers, we make it our duty to make and provide versatile, and convenient products in terms of following aspects;

  • Each classifier is designed for convenient operation and easy maintenance
  • The particle size can be easily adjusted by changing classifier speed or airflow, whereas the modular design provides easy access to the classifier’s internal components
  • It has a unique mechanical design which produces high recovery rates of fine particles around 90%
  • It also comprises of streamlined component designs which results in lower pressure drop and consequently leads to lower energy consumption, then lower operating costs
  • It further achieves high degree accuracy which is required in separating particles, 45 microns and smaller

Best Uses

As we are the leading air classifier manufacturers, we make classifiers that are best for;

  • Pigment colors
  • Technical & Chemical products dyestuff
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Minerals & Ores
  • Pesticides

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